What to Wear

Socks and Gloves for Cryotherapy

You may be wondering what to wear during a cryotherapy session.  To get the best benefit from whole body cryotherapy the more exposure of low temperature to the skin the better, the target area is your body’s core which covers the area between your waist and neck.

For men we recommend wearing underwear, boxers, brief or a light weight swim trunk. No jewelry to be worn during session.

For women we recommend wearing a sports bra and underwear or a two piece bathing suite. (No underwire in choice of top) No jewelry to be worn during session.

Of course you always have the option to go in the buff if you choose!

We will provide the following: Socks, Boots, Gloves, Cover-up

Some tips for your first session:

First off we want you to have a great experience!   During the first session you may want to start slow and leave the cover up on, over time this can be removed completely.   Once the session is complete simply get dressed and go, no need for any drying.

We can also start out with a low to moderate temperature and progress as you are comfortable.   In addition we can vary the time so that the progression meets your needs.  Basically you are in control of your own experience!

Ideally, we suggest 3 sessions per week and then modifying downward over the next several weeks. There will be a brief client consent form to fill out either on line or when you arrive at the facility.

Now that you have enjoyed your first Whole Body Cryotherapy session just continue about your day whether it be back to work, to the gym or just leisure.

We are located at Worth Plaza in Lake Worth. For additional information, please email me at: info@palmbeachcryotherapy.com Or call 561.249.7263

Thank You,

Dr. Jacki Morley Co-Owner/Director

Jose M Lajara Co-Owner/Manager