What Does Cryotherapy Treat?


Reduces blood pressure, calms breathing, decreases muscular tension.

Multiple Sclerosis

Whole Body Cryotherapy regulates muscular actions, inhibits inflammation & provides pain relief.

Muscular Dysbalances

Helps balance force and elasticity in the muscles surrounding your joints.


Relieves itching, helps heal skin patches, soothes the skin.

Blunt Joint Trauma

Promotes cell repair, decreases pain, stimulates muscle repair.

Chronic Headaches & Migraine

Increases blood & oxygen flow to the brain, stimulates endorphin’s.

Sleep Disorders

Whole body cold application can act directly and indirectly to improve sleep behavior.

Aatopic Diseases

There is a positive influence of Whole Body Cryotherapy on the symptoms of Neurodermatitis & Asthma.