Body Scrubs

Scrub Tye Duration Cost
Back Facial One Hour $80
Sea Salt Gommage Half Hour $30
Coffee Scrub Half Hour $30

What is it?

Body scrubs are popular body treatments aiming at exfoliating and hydrating the skin. An abrasive material (“granule”) like, for instance, salt, coffee or coconut, mixed with oil or cream is rubbed on the whole body to exfoliate the skin. Once the job is done, the mixture is rinsed off under a thorough shower. Finally, a moisturizer is applied on the body. If part of a package, it can also be the first step to a body wrap or a massage.


A scrub rubs away dead cells and sloughs off flakes that make your skin look dull and lackluster. It reveals the fresh cells underneath and leaves the skin glowing, youthful and hydrated. The level of exfoliation depends on the size of the granules: natural granules exfoliate more than synthetic ones. Choose the scrub type according to the sensitivity of your skin.

Good to Know

A scrub is not a massage, even though the rubbing on your body is relaxing and encourages the blood circulation. You are usually lying on the massage table draped in a sheet. Only the part the therapist is working on is exposed. Once over, rinse it off without using shower gel, to keep the benefits of the oil. It is fun to make up your own scrub recipe at home.

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Coffee scrub palm beach cryotherapy
Sea Salt Gommage palm beach cryotherapy
Coffee scrub back facial